Yolanda investigated how previous successful policies could be replicated to produce positive outcomes in the future, during her six years as a PhD researcher. Now she is running for a senate seat at the 2022 Federal election. Yolanda is also an educator with a background in female entrepreneurship, pro-women policies, and communications. Her deep understanding of how government decisions impact people and communities is based on research and personal  experiences.

In 2010, Yolanda founded the Australian Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AWCCI). As CEO of the national not-for-profit, Yolanda was invited to sit on Federal Government boards and advisory committees, including small business advisory councils, and the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission. Yolanda also represented Australia at several economic summits, including the first APEC Women's Economic Summit, chaired by Hillary Clinton.

Yolanda has owned small businesses, lectured, written for various media outlets and is a social commentator. Yolanda advocates clearly and passionately based on her values and promotes equality and integrity. 

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A chat with Yolanda

A chat with Yolanda

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