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Yolanda’s persistence, ambition and strategic mind make her a unique individual. She has been described as a “great leader with a clarity of vision and drive that others envy”.  Her outcome-focus is reinforced with her multi-lingual and global executive skillsets.

Currently completing a PhD, Yolanda is investigating international women's rights laws and policies. She is a sessional university lecturer in Leadership and has worked on other ARC research projects. ​She often speaks at conferences, summits, and forums and regularly comments on various issues in the media.

Her pocket-rocket energy educates and entertains audiences around the country. Her tenacity, courage and knowledge have provided Yolanda with executive, non-executive and academic positions. Her MBA students say: "Your class has been one of the most thought provoking and intellectually gratifying classes I have ever had the pleasure of taking in my seven years of studying" and "I wanted to thank you for your amazing teaching style. It is so enjoyable listening to you, I was always captivated". 

Yolanda too, has been charmed by a gamut of characters; she often shares the learnings gained whilst working as a business owner (the John Lennon project with Yoko Ono), as a journalist (radio, newspapers and magazines), on government boards, with corporates and now as a lecturer and researcher.

In her first career, journalism, Yolanda encountered sovereigns from many trades: Pink, the Queen of Pop; Gai Waterhouse, the Queen of Racing; and a few queen bees in business and politics.


Her eclectic career and leadership skills are shared with audiences in the classroom, the boardroom and the international stage. Yolanda voices the impact of women in society, leadership, entrepreneurship and diversity to those willing to acquire information about the theoretical and the practical.

Vega’s leadership knowledge is shared from the perspective of a journalist, a business owner and a sex discrimination researcher; her personal experiences of loss and learning, are powerful and delivered with humour and flare that inspires audiences, writers, the public, and the media.

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Home Sweet Home

Reflecting on her Spanish heritage, Yolanda shared her experiences as a migrant with Dr. Natalia Ortiz in a series of videos called Home Sweet Home capturing the lives, memories and feelings of people who moved to Australia.


The videos, made in 2020, include Yolanda's personal experience with Nostalgia, a universal feeling for migrants who feel deep connection to their home countries. In The Myth of Return  shares the story of Yolanda's mother Sagrario, who was born in Spain in 1936 during the Spanish Civil War and who moved to Darwin with her young family in 1973.

Dr Ortiz is a filmmaker, producer and convenor of Spanish Studies at the University of New South Wales She founded the Spanish Film Festival in Australia almost 30 years ago. 


Explore Dr Ortiz's Home Sweet Home collection here.