About Me

A little more about me

I have been charmed by a gamut of characters, and share their stories and the learnings I have gained, including my experiences as: an advocate (ministers and prime ministers); a business owner (the John Lennon project with Yoko Ono); a journalist (musicians including Pink and Alicia Keys); an advisor on government and NGO boards (Liberal and Labor governments), with business (including the big fours), as a lecturer (management and leadership), and a researcher (pro-women policy).

Navigating the media, cultural and political challenges has been a constant in my career. For example, my first journalism role was producing magazines to promote the NT’s economic capabilities and business opportunities to investors in the USA, Asia, and Europe. I was then approached by the head of Government Protocol inviting me to project-manage the first visit to Australia by the current King of Spain. 

That daunting experience trained me to follow timelines, work with budgets, follow protocol and strategy. These type of formidable experiences continue; I was one of three women asked to represent Australia at the first Women’s Economic Summit, chaired by Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Policy Advisor and Researcher

My most recent research is my PhD thesis: Sex Policy and Power. The qualitative investigation included interviewing elite informants: members of the Australian Government, both previous and current, with assigned portfolios including prime minister, foreign affairs minister, attorney general, as well as commissioners, advisors and diplomats. The research examines how the federal government can replicate past pro-women policy to provide further equity for women.

Undertaking a PhD has been a gruelling, complex, yet satisfying experience. I enjoyed the intense questioning, at times, the interviews, always, and the long weeks reading and scrutinising academic papers and data. As a result, I am a stronger version of me, with improved analytical skills. I am a more critical thinker.

Women's Rights Advocate

As an influential leader, I achieved forming various boards and committees to assist women in my role as CEO at the Australian Women Chamber of Commerce. This included convincing high-profile women to provide their time, advice, and money. Some of the participants included; Imelda Roche (Entrepreneur and philanthropist), Ita Buttrose (ABC Chair), Deborah Hutton (Media personality), and Wendy McCarthy (Women’s advocate).

I wrote and launched the Issues Paper Closing the Gender Gap and Childcare; majority of my recommendations were included in the Productivity Commission Report. 

As a Board member of federal government small business ministerial advisory councils (MAC and SBCC), I contributed research and advised Liberal and Labor Small Business and Women’s Ministers of the challenges experienced by self-employed women and how to remove barriers for businesses (2012-2016).


Presented at numerous conferences and summits promoting women, pro-women policies, and small business including, but not limited to the ‘UN Women: Empowerment Principles Summit’, the ‘Rural Women’s Conference’, YWCA ‘She Leads’ conference, the ‘COSBOA National Small Business Summit’, and the ‘Women in Aviation Conference’.


Awarded for exceptional innovative teaching style during the first year lecturing ‘Leadership’ to master students (2017). Sharing my stories, at times with humour, and illustrating how theory and practice can be successfully combined inspired and encouraged students to learn and be the best version of themselves. I still receive emails from former students living and working in many corners of the world thanking me for inspiring them.