Education: All things being equal

April 12, 2022: We are told we are “The Lucky Country.” But who needs luck when we could be “The Clever Country,” and “The Creative Country” and “The Innovative Nation.” Education: All things being equal … “I believe that children are our future Teach them well and let them lead the way Show them all […]

Speaking your language

All votes matter – that’s why we’ve created 11 multi-lingual videos to explain how to use your vote to build a strong Senate. If you know someone who speaks Arabic, Viet, German, Hindi, Mandarin or more check out our video page and share the links with others. I’m running for the Federal Senate because this […]

Time to step up: why I’m running in this year’s federal election!

Head to my video page for a clip explaining why I’m running as a candidate with the Reason Party for the Senate. A huge motivator for me has been Reason Party leader, Fiona Patten MP, who’s labelled as ‘Australia’s most effective legislator’. Fiona has a track record of making equitable and meaningful laws, and I […]

Fixing the childcare crisis

Check out our new video, showcasing key points on the childcare crisis. In running for the Senate this Federal election, Yolanda will take forward Reason Party policy – the first of its kind in Australia – which aims to make childcare free for all Australians. Reducing the strain on both parents – specifically, mothers and […]

School speaking engagements

An absolute pleasure to have had the chance to speak with so many young people at Auburn High School on March 10 and Canterbury Girls’ Secondary College on March 11. This week has lifted my spirits with deep discussions, quizzical minds and big thinking. Thanks to both schools for hosting me and being open to […]

Can ‘femship’ be a catalyst for change?

In the absence of a female equivalent of ‘mateship’, I will introduce to you the premise of ‘femship’. If mateship can exist, why not femship as well? Whereas, mateship supposedly applies only to males, femship can start where mateship left off and focus on encouraging women to work together. Femship advocates equality, friendship and solidarity […]

Every policy needs to look at how it affects women

March 7: I summarised my PhD research, including this quote and many other great ones, in a new article for the Conversation. As we mark another International Women’s Day and enjoy breakfasts and uplifting speeches about girl power, let’s also be reminded of the appalling rates of violence against women, the stubborn gender pay gap […]