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In the news: Candidate interview with Joy FM

April, 2022: Hear Yolanda's interview with Saturday Magazine, Joy FM Radio

Hormonal elephant in the room: Menopause Policy needed

May 8 2022: The Reason Party is calling for all employers and governments to address menopause in order to get more women into leadership and/or retain them in managerial roles across all industries.

Look up: The Senate should be attractive

May 2022: Did you know, the Senate is more likely to have more independent and minor parties elected than the House of Representatives? Part of the reason is that the voting system for the Australian Senate combines both preferential voting and proportional representation counting.

How to fix the childcare crisis

April 13, 2022: Reason Party is calling for fully publicly funded universal childcare and the phased integration of early childhood education with schools, the first such policy in Australia.

Education: All things being equal

April 12, 2022: We are told we are “The Lucky Country.” But who needs luck when we could be “The Clever Country,” and “The Creative Country” and “The Innovative Nation.”

Who cares about the senate?

April 26, 2022: The Federal Senate is the powerhouse of Australia’s democracy. However, our federal government is formed by people elected to the Lower House. Yet it is the elected into the Upper House, our Senators, that hold the real power!

Speaking your language

All votes matter - that's why we've created 11 multi-lingual videos to explain how to use your vote to build a strong Senate. If you know someone who speaks Arabic, Viet, German, Hindi, Mandarin or more check out our video page and share the links with others.
I'm running for the Federal Senate because this is the most powerful arm of the Australian Government. It's where final decisions are made about our laws. Many politicians make politics too hard or too boring to understand. I'm keen to speak the same language and work together to make sure we all get a say on who runs the country.

Time to step up: why I'm running in this year's federal election!

Head to my video page for a clip explaining why I'm running as a candidate with the Reason Party for the Senate. A huge motivator for me has been Reason Party leader, Fiona Patten MP, who's labelled as 'Australia's most effective legislator'. Fiona has a track record of making equitable and meaningful laws, and I stand ready to do the same. My research, professional experience and life experiences mean I will work hard to negotiate - with all people and parties - to get the work done.

Fixing the childcare crisis

Check out our new video, showcasing key points on the childcare crisis. In running for the Senate this Federal election, Yolanda will take forward Reason Party policy - the first of its kind in Australia - which aims to make childcare free for all Australians. Reducing the strain on both parents – specifically, mothers and low income and rural families who are already inside a stretched system.

School speaking engagements

An absolute pleasure to have had the chance to speak with so many young people at Auburn High School on March 10 and Canterbury Girls' Secondary College on March 11. This week has lifted my spirits with deep discussions, quizzical minds and big thinking. Thanks to both schools for hosting me and being open to bold conversations about gender equality, breaking stereotypes, female leadership and just societies.

Blog: Can 'femship' be a catalyst for change?

In the absence of a female equivalent of ‘mateship’, I will introduce to you the premise of ‘femship’. If mateship can exist, why not femship as well? Whereas, mateship supposedly applies only to males, femship can start where mateship left off and focus on encouraging women to work together. Femship advocates equality, friendship and solidarity between women. In a way it closely resembles the concept of sisterhood, the difference here is that femship encourages women to work and live together and bring about a collective change. We need to see ourselves as equals amongst our own gender, before society will treat us as such. Perhaps, if femship were added to the dictionary, this change would reflect a positive change in the status of women in our society. We all know what mateship is, so if women were to unite under the ideals of femship, could it not too serve to strengthen the sisterly bonds between us and rise to the heights of mateship, if not higher?

Article: 'Every policy needs to look at how it affects women'.

March 7: I summarised my PhD research, including this quote and many other great ones, in a new article for the Conversation. As we mark another International Women’s Day and enjoy breakfasts and uplifting speeches about girl power, let's also be reminded of the appalling rates of violence against women, the stubborn gender pay gap and pervasive sexism that is seemingly entrenched in our society. An imbalance remains: women do the vast bulk of unpaid work at home while men make the bulk of the laws and policies that affect us all.

Nothing seems to change - or change fast enough. But there are concrete things we can do to fix it. My research offers practical ideas to fix gender inequality in Australia from those at the very centre of federal government policy-making. Read the whole article for more!

Media and speaking events

Recent events and media

Joy FM interview, April 2022

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Meet and Greet event, Warrnambool, April 2022

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Professional Migrant Women event, April 2022

Broadsheet: article on Yolanda's PhD research, April 2022

Auburn High School, March 2022: Speaking event for International Women's Day

Canterbury Girls' Secondary College, March 2022: Speaking event for International Women's Day

The Conversation, March 2022: New research asked government insiders how to fix gender discrimination in Australia - this is what they said
RTR Radio, February 2022: Could professional women decide the upcoming Federal election?

Melbourne University Centre for Workplace Leadership Conference, February 2022: Australia's International Opportunities & Obligations to Gender Equality and LGBTIQ+ Rights 

Past media

SBS TV: Is Australia Sexist? 2018

First Five Years: How to balance motherhood and business, 2018

Sky News: Gender Pay Gap with Patricia Karvelas, 2017

ABC Radio National:  ​Departure sparks gender wage gap debate, gender pay gap and sex discrimination at work, 2017

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AWCCI: At the first APEC Women's Economic Summit2012

Past events

Pathways to Gender Equality Conference, American University, Washington DC, 2018

Tunisian change-makers and leadership workshop (DFAT & Deakin University), 2016

Australia Awards Fellowships (DFAT) - Hosted by QUT for Women in Mongolia, 2015

Training for Business Women from Nepal and Bangladesh (DFAT/UQ), 2015

UN Women: Empowerment Principles (WEPs) Summit, 2014

CMAA Leadership Summit, 2014

IWIB Long Lunch & Expo Day, 2014

He Said, She Said: Challenging our Thinking Series, 2014

CMAA Leadership Summit, 2014

AMP Amplify Festival, 2014

Gender Economics Summit Global Conference, 2014

Australian Women's Leadership Symposium, 2014

YWCA Canberra Debate - She Leads Conference, 2014

Precedent Productions Champion Awards, 2014

NAB National Small Business Summit, 2014

Proctor and Gamble (P&G), 2014

Access to Capital Workshops, 2014

Strategic Marketing Workshops, 2014

National Rural Women’s Conference, 2014

Women in Aviation, National Summit, 2014

Champion Awards by Precedent Production, 2013

DFK Accounting Group Conference, 2013

Business Women’s Network Forum, 2013

APEC Women’s Economic Summit, 2012

Australian Association of Angel Investors, 2012

The Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA), 2012

Armidale Business Chamber, 2012

NAB National Small Business Summit, 2012

Enterprise Connect: Resilient Business: Magic or Planned Progress? 2012

Richard Branson’s Carbon War Room, 2012