Yolanda is a social commentator and is often quoted by the media, and has contributed articles and features for more than two decades.

How to balance motherhood and business

"The perception out there, from banks, financial institutions and investors is incredibly sexist,” says Yolanda Vega.

Is Australia Sexist? is a landmark investigation of Australian attitudes to gender.

Documentary: SBS Television 

The Issues

Yolanda Vega speaks with Patricia Karvelas and Georgina Downer on The Issues, SkyNews 2017

​Departure sparks gender wage gap debate

gender pay gap and sex discrimination at work (2017)

The Wrap: Gender pay gap and nanny uniforms

Radio National live on Drive 

10 February, 2014

22 July 2014

July 2014 Issue

Inside Small Business

Issue 6

December/January, 2013

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