Yolanda presents data on the SBS documentary ‘Is Australia Sexist?'
Yolanda shares data with the SBS documentary Is Australia Sexist?, 2019


Vega’s most recent research is her PhD, completed in Feb 2022. The six-year qualitative investigation included interviewing elite informants: members of the Australian Government, both previous and current, with assigned portfolios including prime minister, foreign affairs minister, attorney general, as well as commissioners, senior advisors, and diplomats. The research set out to examine how the federal government can replicate past successes into future policy outcomes for women in Australia.

"Undertaking a PhD has been a gruelling, complex, yet satisfying experience. I enjoyed the intense questioning, at times, the interviews, always, and the long weeks reading and scrutinising academic papers and data. As a result, I think I’m a stronger version of me, with improved analytical skills. I am certainly a more critical thinker and have become far more concerned because the facts are speaking out louder than ever. I also have a lot fewer tears left in me," says Vega.


The important set of recommendations based on the findings have the potential to provide pivotal information to implement successful sex discrimination policies and best practices by the Australian Government.


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Presenting a keynote at the Women In Aviation National Summit.

Speaker and Advocate

Yolanda's honest energy, eclectic career and leadership skills are shared with audiences in the classroom, the boardroom and the international stage. She voices the impact of women in society, leadership, entrepreneurship and diversity. She's also entertaining, captivating and a powerful listener, which makes her advocacy work on-point and long-lasting.

From global economic forums, to corporate settings, national boards to local clubs and small groups, Yolanda connects with others openly and bravely through stories of celebrated achievements and challenges overcome, both professional and personal. 


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As a lifelong learner, Yolanda feels deeply privileged about all her educational experiences, from her first primary schools in Darwin to high schools in Europe leding to a Degree in Journalism, and now completing a Doctorate with Swinburne's School of Business, Law and Entrepreneurship.

Yolanda Vega started lecturing in 2017, in leadership and management, at Swinburne University and lectured at Monash University in 2020 and 2021. As an educator, Yolanda continues to learn and share insights about business, and encourages students to adopt leadership qualities of integrity, fairness and authenticity.

Yoland was awarded The Deputy vice-Chancellors Award for Teaching Excellence (Swinburne University) and expanded her teaching to Monash University in 2020-21.

Teaching means Yolanda interacts daily with students of all walks of life - young people, urban, regional, migrants, career changers, industry professionals and innovators, to name a few. Yolanda's respectful approach to sharing wisdom, mixed with a strong desire to ensure graduates have the relevant skills and mindset to thrive in today's world,  makes her an exceptional and memorable teacher.

"Thank you for being genuine.  An Inspirer. An Empower. An Engager: these three characteristics are just a short sample of the many you demonstrate with all of your students, every single class. Thank you for seeing me as a partner in learning and sharing. I wish you all the best with your PhD. May you inspire others to achieve the greatness you have." - TDT